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Welcome to my Depeche Mode collector's webpage


I'm a avid collector and I have been collecting for about 15-20 years. This is not the definitive discography or price guide to Depeche Mode's official releases - it's my collection. There are more than 3,500 items in my collection, and over 10,000 photo scans on this webpage.


Update First published exactly a decade ago, my webpage now celebrates 10 years! A big shout-out to all the Depmod members for their support. THANK YOU! Since 2016 I have started to focus on Swedish & UK stuff and therefor I'm no longer buying stuff from every country of the world.



Swedish CD PLANT MFG / AB / PMDC Germany pressings


I have done some research regarding the [...]

Sonet Grammofon AB


I have done some research regarding Sonet [...]

For sale


This is what I'm currently have for sale [...]

My wish list


These are the items I'm currently are [...]

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